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   A.    Training

          1.    Preparatory Course for Basic Concept Principles / Certificate in Personal Insurance (BCP / PGI)

                 We provide BCP and PGI training courses to candidates who are interested in getting
                 themselves certified to advise, market or sell personal general insurance. Candidates could
                 be staff of insurance companies or insurance agencies or member of the public who are
                 keen to pursue the qualification. The minimum requirements to advise and sell consumer
                 lines insurance such as Automobile, Home Contents, Travel, Personal Accident, Maid is a
                 certificate in BCP and PGI.

                 Our course is focused on sharing principles, making sure you understand the course
                 curriculum, thus preparing you for the examination. We will also be dealing with question
                 answering. Our Course Schedule will be available online soon and we urge interested
                 applicants to check the schedule and make a booking online.

          2.    Products and Sales

                 We will also provide training in products and sales. Due to our combined experiences in
                 underwriting, sales and marketing, we are able to provide course participants with the
                 right knowledge and skills required to make a sale. We believe a product can only be sold
                 correctly if proper sales techniques are observed and proper understanding of the product
                 absorbed. Our courses are lively, practical, and there will be plenty of cases studies shared.
                 In some courses, there will be ‘on-the-field’ experience.

                 After all, it is our mission is to have our participants walk away with practical experience
                 and meaningful knowledge which empower them to perform their roles or jobs better.

                 For Product Training, we may work with certain insurance companies to offer customized
                 courses for their staff or producers. For Sales Training, they are standard courses and the
                 schedule will be made available online once they are ready.

          3.    Customer Excellence

                 Customer Service is one of the most under-rated jobs. They are often associated with
                 complaints, angry customers, frustrated Customer Service officers and many disgruntled
                 stories, both sides. People shun Customer Service jobs (if they have a choice), how can
                 we ever attain Customer Excellence?

                 Customer Excellence is nothing but an attitude and a pride to serve. It is about holding a
                 long-term view on a customer enabling your journey to be fun, enriching and rewarding.
                 And is Customer Excellence an impossible reality?

                 Our course is focused on delivering real customer service excellence and it is compiled
                 based on years of research, feedback, experiences on customer needs, complaints,
                 compliments and expectations. We recognize the importance of certain basic etiquettes
                 such as answering the phone before the3rd ring, greeting the caller but we are much
                 more concerned in making you understand what your customer really wants, how you
                 make their experience different, how you can say ‘no’ and yet win the customer over,
                 or how you can truly enjoy your job and stay long in the profession.

                 Participants can find in the course many lighthearted moments, they will be able to
                 identify with the many nuances shared in the class, laugh about it, work out the matrix
                 of what it takes for customers to be satisfied, or to avoid potential customer pitfalls.
                 Participants should walk away feeling rejuvenated and know what it takes to be different
                 from others in achieving customer excellence.

                 This is a compulsory course to attend for those who deal with customers or producers on
                 a very regular basis but often feel frustrated about not doing it right and are not enjoying
                 the process. Customer service can be fun! Customer Excellence is just an attitude away!

          4.    Others

                 We may also conduct training outside the above courses. This is done on a ‘case-by-case’
                 basis and if you are interested to engage our services, please contact our office for a

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   B.    Outsourcing

          We have heard ‘outsourcing’ for years where companies farm out their functions to
          specialized companies. This could be processing, mailing, accounting, IT, property
          management, purchasing functions. Lately, we have seen companies outsource even HR
          functions. The intention to use 3rd party vendors stems primarily from a cost and
          effectiveness’s perspective. Outsourcing is successfully only if the following broad principle
          is achieved:

          •    For the same thing we do in the past, we now do it cheaper; OR
          •    For the same price we pay, we can now achieve higher level of customer satisfaction
                and better control over the outcome

          This is in addition to freeing up management time, employee time in overseeing the functions.

          In insurance context, what services do insurance companies outsource? Besides the above
          outsourced functions, insurance companies do outsource claims services, training, customer
          service, telemarketing and even marketing services. In the longer term, insurance companies
          may start to outsource distribution management services so as to focus on the traditional
          roles of insurers : Product Development, Underwriting and Claims Management.

          For Insurance Companies

           1.   Training

           We encourage insurance companies to outsource their training functions to us. Training is
           often conducted by underwriters and if not, marketing staff. The usual disadvantages
           associated with such training are:

           •   Lack of overall vision for individual development and growth
           •   Lack of content digestion (Trainers whom are underwriters are too technical, Trainers
                whom are marketeers are too flippant)
           •   Lack of continuity in course curriculum (as Trainers pack and go)
           •   No economies of scales resulting in higher costs

           Insurance companies keen to outsource their training functions can look forward to the

           •   Better quality control
           •   Meeting their business needs more effectively
           •   Savings
           •   Regular results updates, assessment and discussion
           •   Customised training programme and schedule

           2.   Agency Management

           This is a new area we are developing into. Traditionally, agency management functions
           have often resided with insurance companies as a unit within the organization. Due to the
           dearth of talent in agency management, agents are not able to fully maximize their growth
           potential with the company. People are often misunderstood that agents can manage
           themselves or all it takes is to give the agents what they want or arrange for a ‘coffee’
           session and they will produce. The truth cannot be further away than that.
           Professional agency management calls for the following:

           •   Instilling discipline
           •   Setting expectations and goals
           •   Putting in place performance management measures
           •   Coaching
           •   Motivation
           •   Generating sales efficiencies through effective sales techniques, sales tools
           •   Conducting regular field work
           •   Ensuring proper conduct
           •   Installing effective recognition and rewards system
           •   Recruiting suitable candidates
           •   Providing clear sales direction

           For companies which do not have the expertise or skill set to manage agents professionally,
           they usually suffer from agents’ lack of productivity or motivation. Instead of trying to find the
           right people in the market to manage the agents, it is worth considering working with us to
           help manage your growing agency force. We can customize programmes to meet your
           business requirements. You can choose from a ala-carte menu for items which you can
           appoint our company to work on, example : a recognition and reward programme or ways
           to handle agent’s conduct issues.

           For insurance companies which are serious about developing and growing their agency force,
           it is paramount for them to invest in professional agency management which will provide
           sustainable long term returns and help them differentiate their agents from others in the
           market professionally.

           For Agents or Agencies

           Agents are often mired up in their own
           day-to-day pursuit of sales that they have
           very little time to effectively manage their
           business for efficiencies.
           Often, agents are individuals where they
           have to attend to every single details :
           getting a quotation, liaising between
           insurance companies and customers,
           running around performing services for
           their customers, on the phone following
           on risks, payment, discrepancies or doing
           data entry on the policy records, or simply
           building rapport with customers.

           An agent’s time is most valuable going
           after sales and ensuring the customer is
           kept happy so that sales could keep
           coming and they are able to retain their
           customers while pursuing new ones.
           An agent whom undertakes all tasks are
           not effective as precious time is lost on
           pursuing new sales or meeting the
           expectations of existing ones.

           If you spend more than 30% of your time
           doing the following, you need to re-think!


           •   Data Entry / Bookkeeping
           •   Filing / Scanning / Copying / Mailing
           •   Follow-up work which are not productive

           If you cannot afford the following :

           •   Latest equipment for efficiency gains
           •   Back-up services for your data
           •   Latest technology to communicate and share files with your customers

           If you do not takes holidays because of customers or are still receive calls during your
           holiday, you need to re-think!

           •   Nobody to attend to your customers when you are away
           •   New sales leads cannot be followed up when you are away
           •   Customers are inconvenienced when you are away
           •   Your holidays are often overshadowed with the need to get to emails and phone

           It is high time to consider outsourcing your services! We have the economies of scales and
           we know exactly what we can do to take your burden away, so that you can become
           focused on what you do to increase your market pie. Remember, the opportunities are
           abundant, often the efforts asunder.

           We have different packages for different level of service offered. But as a guide, we are
           happy to share what we can do in brief. If you are interested in outsourcing your services,
           you are advised to contact. Due to capacity and commitment to quality delivery of our
           services, we are limited by the number of agents we can take in. Thus, please talk to us
           personally on this.

           •   Email Setup, Administration and Management

                ►   Provides email accounts, hosting, backups, response on behalf
                ►   ‘Out-of-Office’ Assistant
                ►   Data Synchronisation
                ►   Web Hosting

           •   Call Management

                ►   Call Diverting / Forwarding
                ►   ‘Out-of-Office’ and ‘Vacation’ Call Handling and Response
                ►   Inbound / Outbound Calls

           •   Storage

                ►   E-Storage of Documents (no more paper all over the place)
                ►   Back-up of documents and information
                ►   File Sharing for Stored Documents with Customers

           •   Administrative Functions

                ►   Bookkeeping, payment reminder and follow up
                ►   Customer Records Compilation
                ►   Data Entry and Records
                ►   Customer Listing and Policy Follow-up
                ►   Customer Request Handling and Follow-up
                ►   Other back-office support

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   C.    Consultancy

           Sales or Growth-Related

          We also may act as advisory roles to agents and agencies with sizable portfolio on the

          1.   Portfolio Management
          2.   Strategy Mapping
          3.   Identification of Sales Opportunities
          4.   Database Marketing
          5.   Customer Loyalty Programmes
          6.   Sales Presentation
          7.   Recruitment
          8.   Staff Management

          If you have the following constraints or limitations, see us for a discussion:

          •   Running out of ideas to grow your business
          •   Your portfolio is not managed optimally and you have no clue how it could be better
          •   If your portfolio is not generating the financial returns you want despite your size
          •   Your customers on average only has less than 1.3 products with you
          •   You are too busy to cross sell or up sell to your customers
          •   You do not know how your portfolio could have done better in terms of operating
               efficiencies and management
          •   Your portfolio is too diverse and it pulls in all direction, resulting in you unable to focus
          •   Your renewal ratio is under 70%
          •   You need help to grow your business but do not know who to talk to
          •   High staff turnover
          •   If you are not using the latest knowledge to improve your sales and operational processes

          Efficiency or Image-Related

          In addition to the above, we will provide ‘re-shaping’ solutions for ‘corporate agencies’, to
          make the workplace more conducive, the corporate image more professional, the processes
          more productive.

          Company Setup or New Start-up Related

          If you are an individual agent and you contemplate setting up your own agency, we will also
          advise on the procedures of setting up an agency, the appropriate setup structure, the
          requirements, the registration process, the office, the equipment, the budget and the scope of
          work needed to be done. If required and for an additional fee, we will also assist in the entire
          process of setting up the agency till completion.

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   D.    Recruitment

          1.   Sales Agent

          One of our key focused areas is to work with selected general insurance agencies to recruit
          agents for their operations. Potential or interested candidates will be assessed and enrolled
          into our 1 year’s programme where they will be trained and certified to be a General Insurance
          agent and attached to the appointed agency.

          The 1-year’s course includes and is not limited to the following:

          •   Training in Certificate in General Insurance (Basic Concept Principles and Personal
               General Insurance)
          •   Registration for CGI Examination
          •   Product Trainings
          •   Code of Conduct Training
          •   Sales Trainings and Field Work
          •   Progress Monitoring and Follow-up
          •   Use of Sales Tools

          Please note that potential candidates have to pay a course fee of S$1,500 for the programme.
          For the full curriculum of the programme, please contact our office directly.

          2.   Introducers

          It is known to have your next sale coming from a friend, a relative or an existing customer’s
          referral. Introducers play a major role in our industry and any other industry today in helping
          many salespeople keep their business alive and going. A referral is strong and warm versus cold
          call and it has proven so successful that many big companies have embarked on ‘Member-get-
          Member’, ‘Customer-get-Customer’ type of referral schemes.

          Over here, we have corporatized the Introducer Scheme for agents and agencies and offered
          a common platform for registration of these introducers and management of the scheme.
          Introducers sign an agreement with the agent or agencies, facilitated by us, to be enrolled
          into the scheme. Beside the Introducer’s fee which introducers will earn, they will also be
          encouraged to increase their productivity with differentiated tiers of rewards. The points
          accumulated could also be used to exchange for the latest i-Phone, vouchers or even to offset
          against insurance premiums.

          For more information about our Introducer Scheme, please register your interest online via the
          online form and we will send you the information over email.

          Our Introducer’s Scheme is legal and formal and our introducers have to abide by a set of
          conditions to ensure that no rules are fouled or regulations are breached.

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