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   Two friends whom know each other for more than 2 decades, went to the same school, attended
   the same church, worked in the same company... share a common dream. A dream to make a
   difference in their lives... A dream to live their passion..... A dream to make things happen... A
   dream to be masters of their own destiny. A dream to enrich the lives of people in a meaningful
   and sustainable way.

   The timing could not have been more right with one friend returning from a 2 years' job assignment
   in Taiwan and the other contemplating a career move. Flame Ox was born, on 9 September 2009,
   a date (9.9.9) signifying posterity....

   Passion Inspired – Flame Ox's business tagline symbolizes the
   ways how the partners want themselves and their business to
   be conducted. Like the logo which displays a burning flame
   and an Ox head, the partners hope their business and their
   people will burn with passion, bright, and importantly possess
   the ox values of uprightness and diligence.

                                                                             Founders' Profile Below ▼


   Wendy Lee

   Since graduating from National University of Singapore with majors in
   Economics and Political Science, Wendy joined OCBC Bank as a Bank
   Trainee. In the same year, she left to join Royal Insurance (subsequently
   was merged with Sun Alliance Insurance to be known as the present
   Royal & Sun Alliance) in 1996, a British general insurance company
   with worldwide presence.

   Throughout her 4.5 years in RSA she specialised in Direct Marketing,
   working with affinity partners, banks and credit card centres on
   developing 'below-the-line' marketing, database marketing and
   telemarketing. She is also responsible for the portfolio undewriting
   results of the customer segments and the day-to-day operations of
   the Direct Marketing unit. Wendy also completed the Advanced
   Diploma in Direct Marketing awarded by the Direct Marketing

  Institute of United Kingdom during her stay with RSA. During that time, she was also sent to various
  successful countries in Direct Marketing to understand their operations.

  Wendy joined American Home Assurance Company (a member company of American
  International Group) immediately after RSA and was responsible for Voluntary Group Employee
  Benefit Scheme working with corporate entities. In that role, she works alongside intermediaries
  and Human Resource practitiioners in developing products and distributing them to employees.

  In 2002, Wendy joined the Agency Department and became its Head in early 2003, before the age
  of 30. With a pool of 4,000 agents when she first took over, she has reduced the strength of the
  agency force by more than 1,000 and yet doubled the premium portfolio in 3 years. She was later
  to be posted to AIG general insurance operations in Taiwan in 2007 as Chief Distribution Officer,
  responsible for all sales and marketing islandwide. Taiwan has a well-diversified distribution
  channel after acquisition of Central Insurance (a ex-KMT company in Taiwan) and the total staff
  staff in Distribution and Branches under Wendy's oversight was more than 500. Wendy was also
  involved in the post merger and acquisition process of Central Insurance.

  Wendy decided to leave AIG after completing her 20 months' stay in Taiwan and after almost
  8 years with the same company. Wendy was back in Singapore permanently in June 2009, to
  realise her dreams.

  Throughout her 13 years' in general insurance, Wendy also attained a professional Diploma in
  Chartered Insurance (ACII) awarded by the Chartered Insurance Institute of United Kingdom. This
  diploma is probably the most highly rated qualification in the industry which any serious
  professional risk underwriter in general insurance should seek and pursue.

   Ivy Chin

   Ivy started her career with a local property management company
   immediately upon graduation. In such early days of her career, she
   already learnt what it took to work with people from all walks of
   lives as she has to liaise with property council members, estate
   managing agents and contractors. The key to success in this role is
   honesty, sincerity and integrity which till today, are values Ivy
   observed and professed.

   An opportunity for Ivy arose when she was asked to join Yellow Pages.
   Fascinated with how sales people work, and also the lure of a flexible
   time schedule which allowed her to care for her sick mother, Ivy
   gamely decided to try out being a ‘Direct Sales’ representative with
   Yellow Pages. She learnt what it meant to set appointments with
   customers, generate leads to ensure new sales, knock on doors, call

  on strangers, do presentation, handle objections and close a sale. But what truly makes her
  successful in this role is the fortitude to overcome rejections. Mantra no. 1 in doing sales! Do not be
  afraid to have someone saying ‘No’ to you.

  The experience in Yellow Pages proved important for Ivy when she joined Royal & Sun Alliance
  in 1998. From being a service personnel handling customers, she rose to become the Head of
  Customer Service few years later! That meteoric rise is not possible without Ivy’s prior experience in
  people management and sales management. Ivy was also involved in helping RSA set up its
  telemarketing unit, thus acquiring yet another skillset in outbound telemarketing.

  Ivy joined American Home Assurance Company, a member company of American International
  Group in early 2003 as an Agency Development Manager with a portfolio of 600 corporate agents
  to manage. She grew the portfolio steadily from $15m in premiums to the tune of $35m by end of
  2008. This comes at the back of reducing the agency size to a mere 180 agents. In 2009, Ivy was
  promoted to lead a team of 10 agency managers with a portfolio premium size in excess of $100m.
  To sharpen her edge in sales and marketing, Ivy pursued an Advanced Diploma in Marketing during
  her tenure with AIG and successfully attained the qualification.

  Not contented to be just doing what she was doing, she decided it was high time to plan a next
  career move and nothing could be more challenging than to live a dream with Wendy, someone
  she knew for more than 2 decades and starting a venture which could go down in history as being

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